Verity Hunn

Account Executive - Business Development, Marketing and PR

Verity Hunn

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About Verity

Verity joined Cratus’s internship program in November 2020, working within the PR, Advisory and Public Affairs team. She graduated from the University of Birmingham in July 2020, achieving a first-class honours degree in International Relations with Political Science. Within this discipline, Verity directed her attention to environmentalism, particularly focusing on environmental justice and policy.

In addition to this she spent a year at the University of North Texas, where she was an active member of a sorority founded on the principles of scholarship and service. This enabled her to volunteer at a local elementary school in a low-income area in Texas and assist with fundraising campaigns and events on campus.

Since being at Cratus, Verity has provided social media and digital support across multiple platforms, whilst also coordinating a series of virtual events.

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