Nick Kilby

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Nick Kilby

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Nick is CEO and co-founder of Cratus Communications, whose ethos and approach are borne out of the passion and focus he exemplifies. He thrives on creating things that matter to people, whether it be communities, buildings or theatre productions.

Nick is responsible for managing overall operations across all of Cratus’s teams. Some of his highlights at Cratus include supporting the British Nuclear Test Veterans win acknowledgement for their members from David Cameron, then Prime Minister, and councils all over the UK; winning planning permission for the creation of a world class golf and leisure complex, now open in Leatherhead; working with residents in Sunbury on Thames to secure new homes while winning community support through listening and working together; and helping councillors at two very different local authorities, to come together, form new administrations, and transform their councils for the benefit of their communities.

In 2006, Nick was elected as a councillor for his local London borough. As an elected member, he came to realise that the default stand-off between the community on one side and developers on the other need not be so. His approach successfully brought both “sides” together to find the best outcome for all, which very much represents the ethos behind Cratus.

As a lover of the arts, Nick had a career in the entertainment industry before forming Cratus. This means he is ideally equipped to provide the necessary counsel to clients who face challenges in shaping their own narratives to gain influence and trust. Just as a playwright seeks to tell a story, aided and abetted by directors, producers and actors, in our case, it’s the team Nick has built at Cratus since 2009 that comes together as one to tell our clients’ stories.

Talk to Nick about planning, public affairs, advisory services, communities and Local Government.

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