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About Kristian

Kristian Wrenn is one of our Account Executives working in the Planning team across the Home Counties area. He has a hands-on role delivering expert political and community engagement for our clients.

Kristian delivers all matters of bespoke engagement and research that entails political intelligence reports that cover the ongoing events at Councils of interest and covers the media and social media in the area. Kristian has engaged with Councillors across the Home Counties area and has run public consultations both face-to-face and online. He has produced extensive political audits giving robust political analysis to clients that can help form a successful engagement strategy.

Outside of Cratus, Kristian serves as a Councillor in Surrey Heath. He is currently Deputy Group Leader and Group Whip of the Liberal Democrats which is the largest party in opposition in the Council. This has given Kristian a wealth of experience in politics and has expanded his network across Surrey and further afield, working with Councillors on a day-to-day basis.

Talk to Kristian about all things planning-related in the Home Counties.

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