Katy Bennett

Senior Account Manager

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About Katy

Katy is a Senior Account Manager in the Communities team, responsible for several projects and clients as well as supporting the day-to-day operations of the team.

Katy works with developers and councils through periods of change, often involving new developments. Pre or post planning consent, Katy is focused on bringing the community together with her clients, looking to create a dialogue between both sides and support the existing community through consultation or construction. By using well-established community engagement and communications tools, Katy develops trust between both sides, prioritising honest, accurate and consistent communication as the golden thread supporting ongoing engagement. With an Advanced Certificate in PR from the CIPR, Katy also focuses on client reputation management and opportunities for ‘good news stories’ alongside her project management responsibilities.

Katy joined Cratus as an Account Executive in December 2018 after working in marketing and law. In addition to the communication and problem-solving skills developed through these roles, Katy volunteered for over a year with Citizens Advice and developed valuable client care skills, focused on the importance of prioritising each person’s individual needs and concerns. This experience informs her current role, and putting residents first is the priority when preparing in-depth community development, communications and engagement strategies for her clients, as she strives to find creative solutions to the usual challenges of engaging with hard to hear or opposition groups. These skills shape the advice she provides to her clients now, as she works to make sure each resident is given the opportunity to have their voice heard.

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