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Welcome to Cratus Engage – our digital consultation and engagement platform. Flexible and adaptable – it enables you to build better connections with communities to truly engage your way.

Whilst other engagement platforms provide an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, with Cratus Engage you can tailor your consultation to your project and budget. Built around the needs of stakeholders and adapted to drive-up engagement, Cratus Engage can help you reach a wider audience and capture more meaningful feedback about your project.

“Given the current climate and uncertainty on the short to medium term impact on planning processes and committees this is as polished an attempt to navigate that world as I have seen.” Dan Cavanagh, Managing Director – LSL Partners

“The ability to use digital platforms like Cratus Engage have to be welcomed as they create flexibility and more opportunity to reach a wider audience. These sorts of platforms are here to stay.” Steve Quartermain, CBE – former Chief Planner and senior advisor to Cratus

Effective engagement for private and public sectors

Cratus Engage is the ‘go to’ engagement platform for both the private and public sector – developed using our in-depth experience of delivering consultations for developers, house-builders, highways companies, local authorities, and third-sector organisations.


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Virtual Consultation Event

Cratus Engage can integrate a virtual event for consultees, including presentation of plans and Q and As with the project team.

Target ‘hard to reach’ audiences

Traditional consultations can often be a barrier to truly inclusive and insightful engagement – often only attracting consultees who are firmly in favour of a project or strongly opposed. With Cratus Engage you can reach and engage ‘hard to reach’ audiences, giving you access to richer feedback which better reflects the views of local communities and stakeholders. Better consultation leads to a better project and a better rate of success.

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‘Quick Click’ Polls

Cratus Engage allows you to run instant snap polls, more in depth surveys and provides you with a direct line to the needs and views of the communities that your team needs to hear from.


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Ideas Wall

Cratus Engage enables consultees to leave virtual ‘post-it notes’ with ideas and comments – all moderated before going live.


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Cratus Engage also acts as your consultation hub. Consultees can access all project information in one place, including documents, images and videos, and all-important timelines.


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