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Communications Review

A high performing communications team is vital in engaging residents with the work of the local authority and maintaining a motivated and engaged workforce. Conducting a communications review allows you to gain a greater understanding of how effective your communications are and how they can be improved.

Our comprehensive review will cover:

  • Structure of the Communications Team
  • Review of the communications strategy
  • Processes and resources within the communications service
  • How Members engage with the communications service
  • The Council’s reputation and brand performance
  • Customer engagement and satisfaction with the Council’s communications
  • Staff satisfaction levels and engagement

Throughout the review process we will engage with the Communications Team, alongside a cross-section of Cabinet members and officers of all levels, enabling them to speak freely and confidentially. Once we have conducted the review, we will then produce an in-depth report based on our findings and present it back to the Leadership of the Council. The recommendations may include developing a new communications strategy, changing the team structure, refining processes and resources, improving staff engagement, and transforming council culture.

Following the review, we can continue to work with you to implement the agreed recommendations and work with both officers and members to drive improvements in this vital service area.

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