Zed Homes regeneration in London Borough of Brent gets thumbs up!

Zed Homes regeneration in London Borough of Brent gets thumbs up!

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Earlier this month, Cratus was proud to be part of the team which helped Zed Homes achieve planning permission to regenerate the Abbey Manufacturing Estate in Alperton. This approval will transform a run down location into a vibrant new community with 684 homes, affordable workspace, a community space and a café, plus significant improvements in local amenity space and access to the Grand Union Canalside.

From the start of the project in early 2018, Cratus has provided the client with all important local insight via a comprehensive political engagement and consultation programme. The original scheme was scheduled to bring forward 581 homes along with affordable workspace, a café and improvements to the area. However, despite an officer’s recommendation for approval, members of the committee felt that the level of affordable housing was insufficient and that there was also a need for more community space to be incorporated.

Further engagement with members of the council, from the Leader through to the local ward members, led to an updated consultation and leafleting campaign.  This revealed that a new community space, if featured in the future regeneration of the site, would be a highly valued neighbourhood asset. 

Through this further round of engagement, an extra 103 new homes will be provided with an increased affordable element across the project of 35.5%.  The inclusion of the new community space will not only serve those living on site, but also existing neighbouring communities.

This project illustrates the impact of consulting openly and engaging meaningfully with communities, and, where appropriate, for a developer to incorporate changes in response to the local needs. This then gives local authorities the confidence to back those developers and their projects, just as the LB Brent Planning Committee have done in this instance… by seven votes to one, in fact.

If you’re interested in the work of our London team, please do get in touch with Osman Dervish.

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