Watkin Jones, LB Brent

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Location: LB Brent

Cratus worked as part of the team for Watkin Jones to achieve a planning permission for the redevelopment of Parkwood House in Wembley to bring forward 283 student accommodation units. Cratus provided the political and community engagement for the project.

This began with the preparation of a Political Report for the site with information covering key political and community stakeholders helping to de-risk the site.

The project continued with our arranging engagement with the political leadership of the London Borough of Brent including the Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Planning. Throughout the project life Cratus ensured that these key political stakeholders were regularly updated on progress thus ensuring that there was always a two-way line of communication open to discuss issues relating to the project and to gain political intelligence.

Alongside the political engagement work, Cratus co-ordinated local community engagement including a public exhibition and liaison with local community and resident groups. Alongside, carrying out all of the logistics to put on the exhibition including inviting the local community, Cratus worked with the design team to prepare materials for the exhibition.

The scheme was approved by the Planning Committee at the London Borough of Brent in 2018.

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