Hitting Accelerate: Local Authorities and the Rollout of EV Charging Points

Hitting Accelerate: Local Authorities and the Rollout of EV Charging Points

Location: Online (Webinar)
Date: April 14, 2021
Time: 8:30 am

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Hitting Accelerate: Local Authorities and the Rollout of EV Charging Points


Is your local authority doing enough?

Road transport accounts for 91% of the transport sector’s greenhouse gas emissions, yet a recent report by the utility firm Centrica found that more than a quarter of the councils they surveyed had no concrete plans to install electric vehicle (EV) charging points. Should this trend continue, the mass adoption of zero emission vehicles will be thwarted if local communities do not possess enough charging infrastructure to accelerate the shift from petrol and diesel.

By the start of 2021, the UK had rolled out just over 37,000 EV charging points. This is a figure that has increased exponentially over the past ten years; however, the UK will need 400,000 units at a minimum by 2030 to meet its net zero targets. This means charging points will need to be installed at five times faster than the current rate.

With the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles fast approaching, how are we to match the looming demand for EV charging points at the current pace of EV take up? Compared to other issues around mobility and the public realm there is little evidence of any resistance from communities – quite the reverse in fact. However, with local authorities still facing immense challenges from the pandemic, EV charging infrastructure has fallen down some to-do lists. This needs to change.

In the year that the UK is hosting COP26, this timely Cratus webinar brings together an expert panel to explore the wider context and the opportunities presented by EV technology. It will also serve as the perfect ‘how to’ guide for Councils as they look to ramp up the local rollout of charging infrastructure, from examining what needs to be considered at the initial stages to what funding is readily available to help.

Find out what options are available now, as the climate emergency cannot afford to wait.

Hosted by Chris Hossack, Associate Director for Public Affairs at Cratus, we will be joined by a panel of:

Professor Dame Julia King (Baroness Brown of Cambridge) – Chair of the Carbon Trust and Deputy Chair of the UK Committee on Climate Change.
Cllr David Renard – Chairman of the Environment, Economy, Housing & Transport Board at the Local Government Association (LGA) and Leader of Swindon Borough Council.
Ian Johnston – Chief Executive Officer of Osprey Charging Network.
Nick Harvey – Senior Programme Manager at the Energy Saving Trust

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