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Building sustainable communities

From estate regeneration to garden villages, when new homes are built, it is the residents who breathe life into these developments, joining the dots that create a thriving community.

But sometimes they need help.

We work with residents from the very beginning of estate regeneration projects and following planning consent on new settlements to ensure that residents are involved and empowered throughout these life-changing projects.

The Cratus Communities team works with residents to form lasting partnerships between them and the housebuilders working in their area. We work closely with council officers and local councillors to ensure their reputations are protected, while residents become more empowered, know how to navigate and access local services, and recognise their councillors as community leaders.

When we work for developers, we protect and enhance their reputations locally and our established, vibrant communities can be used as a tool to support sales. Subsequent planning applications become more straightforward as relationships with local decision makers are well established and developers can demonstrate a great track record for genuinely caring about the communities they are working within.

All of our work contributes towards our vision of creating a legacy of stronger, more sustainable and healthier communities, rooted in their local areas and proud of the place they call home.

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Expertise / Communities

Communicating through construction

When planning permission has been granted and new developments start to be built, existing communities start to see the day to day impacts of the work, from disruptive noise to mud on the roads and construction traffic driving through residential areas.

Putting ourselves in our residents’ shoes means we ensure the community are fully informed and suffer as little impact as practicable. Combined with our creative initiatives which maximise local social value, our work leads to the wider benefit of site neighbours seeing investments in their strengthened community.

Managing issues directly with the community means potential problems are defused and tackled at an early stage, transparently and with developers’ reputations safeguarded. With less of our client’s time taken up managing construction communications and the community liaison associated with it, they have more time to get on with the business of building houses.

Expertise / Communities

Managing complex sites

Consortium sites have a range of different developers working under a range of brands at the same time and bring a particular set of related challenges.

Individual developers in turn bring in a variety of contractors, realising the potential for a whole range of disconnected attitudes and behaviours.

The Communities team support an overall vision for consortiums and developments as a whole, coordinating on-site teams and providing a central point of contact with a unified message.

This approach brings value through reputation management, while keeping everyone ‘on message’ supports the brand for the development as a whole and of course has a positive impact on sales.

Expertise / Communities

Building real communities

As a team of experienced community development professionals, we are passionate about involving and empowering residents to create places they love to live in and can call their own.

Tailored programmes of community development activity mean housebuilders are supported to build new neighbourhoods which become established in their own right while ensuring they are integrated into their wider community surroundings.

Our work decreases levels of isolation, improving health and wellbeing by bringing people together and introducing them to their neighbours, involving them in what happens in their local area and ultimately empowering them to take control through the establishment of new residents’ groups.

Linking residents up with each other as well as with their local councils and community groups means they are able to access services and support as and when needed, and they become firmly rooted in their new neighbourhood, giving local authorities the confidence that a sustainable, healthy new community is being created and is here to stay.

Expertise / Communities

Providing consultancy

Our team’s combined expertise in communication and engagement with different communities across a wide range of projects, working for both developers and local authorities means that we are ideally placed to provide consultancy support.

From acting as a critical friend or mentor, to undertaking research projects, stakeholder mapping, creating innovative methods of engaging and writing community development plans, we have all the skills we need to make sure your strategy for engagement reaches your audience and hits all the right notes.

Expertise / Communities

Supporting estate regeneration

When it comes to estate regeneration, it’s more important than ever that local residents are continuously informed and actively engaged in what’s happening so that they buy into plans with a direct impact on where they live.

Making sure residents have the forums to speak and are listened to, that they feel their views are valued is crucial to build trust. Estate regeneration has the potential to displace people from the homes where they have lived for many years, so it has to be handled with great care and sensitivity.

Our team’s experience in building relationships which empower residents and in carrying out effective consultations, along with our experience developing innovative methods of engaging with young people and other hard to reach groups all combine to form our estate regeneration package.

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